Goodreads is good for you and me

Goodreads is a social book review site. That’s how I see it. According to their about goodreads site, it’s even betterĀ “Our mission is to help people find and share books they love.” While I mostly use this through an app on my phone, the website is easy to use as well. Personally, I use goodreads […]



5 reasons to grow figs

Fig. Fig. Fig. It sounds so weird, right? I don’t much care for saying, “fig,” but I love them. I never even really thought about figs until we moved to a house that had a fig tree in the backyard. We moved in June. The fig tree was beautiful, probably my favorite tree at the […]

Plant That -> Okra 5

Today, I froze some okra for a challenge by The Untrained Housewife (don’t you just love that?). I’ll post a quick note on that later. ..and that reminded me that okra are pretty cool, but before this year, I had never actually seen them grow. I thought other folks might like to see how that […]

okra pods

Everything I need to know…I re-learn in spinning class

Have you ever taken a spinning class? For the uninitiated, spinning is riding an indoor bicycle. It spins instead of taking you anywhere, so I guess the name makes sense. — wouldn’t it be cool if the effort from spinning caused the lights to change or the music to get louder? That would be AWESOME! […]


Like you, I have lots of interests. I collect hoard information like it is going to disappear. But it will disappear, effectively anyways, if I’m not careful. I need to read, on average [actually, I’m totally guessing], 200 pieces (journal articles, dataset descriptions, my own data) for each article that I create. That’s really too […]

Check it out – Claremont Evaluation Center Webinar Series

Claremont Graduate University is hosting the Claremont Evaluation Center Webinar Series. of FREE webinars on evaluation topics. These are late in the day, so you can finish your work first. The series runs from March 12 through April 25. On the surface, the coverage is philosophical/theoretical rather than applied, but the speakers are well known. […]

Apps for Sustainable Living

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for new ways to learn about products and services to check to see if they meet conditions to make you happy. A simple [read: nonscientific] poll of my friends and family members shows that people have different combinations of preferences with regard to social […]

Fooducate screen for Quaker Oatmeal

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.56.40 AM

Less time searching = more time DOING (enter Uniform Methods Project)

You’ve just started a new energy efficiency program evaluation. What do you do? Well, after all of the paperwork and meetings, you sit down to write your evaluation plan. After some experience with the programs and evaluation, you know most of the key considerations. Hopefully, you’ve discussed goals and objectives for the evaluation with the […]

A handy little time tracker for you

It is a New Year, and we are going to do great things this year! One of my resolutions this year was to do a better job of ensuring a healthy work/life balance. In order to do that, I’ve got to figure out when I’m most productive and how I can shift activities around to […]

Who cares about energy savings anyways? 1

As an energy program evaluator and a sustainability enthusiast, I am all wrapped up in thinking about energy savings in different ways. But yesterday, I was at the annual meeting of the NEEP EM&V Forum, and a panelist triggered my thinking about this again. There are so many stakeholders involved in energy savings decisions. Each […]